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Groups in General

To schedule a group interview, for groups such as performers, athletes, academics, students, etc., traveling in a coordinated fashion for the same purpose, you will need to schedule a group appointment. For non H-2 groups, send the appointment request to the e-mail address with the words GROUP APPOINTMENTS and the name of the group in the subject line. You will receive a return e-mail with a reference code for your group, as well as further instructions for applying. 

We will not accept faxed requests for group appointments. All requests must be done via e-mail to the address noted above.

The e-mail must provide the following information:

  • Name of group;
  • Dates of travel;
  • Destination;
  • Reason for trip;
  • Name of event/program being attended, with a brief explanation;
  • Total number of members in group;
  • Local contact person, telephone number (include area code, known as "LADA") and email.
  • Name of contact in the U.S.
  • Names of members in alphabetical order by last name (exactly as in passport), each followed by:

    a. passport number
    b. date of birth
    c. role in group
    d. length of time in group
    e. previous visa, if applicable

The Consulate decides whether a group appointment is appropriate. If not, each applicant is welcome to schedule individual interviews.

Please apply early.  

For petition-based groups, if you wish to submit substitutions after the appointment has been scheduled, they will be considered as a request for a different appointment and scheduled for a different date.

Payment of the appropriate visa reciprocity fee for each approved visa is required before visa approval. Fees may be paid at the Consulate in dollars, pesos or with a credit card.

Approved visas are available for pickup at the Consulate two working days after the interview.

Refused applicants, in most cases, will have their passports returned immediately at the end of the interview. It is possible, however, that some applicants will be refused subsequently to the interview if it is shown, as a result of their background check, that they were dishonest in the interview. These passports will be returned to the company's point of contact.

Special Instructions for H-2 Applicants

To apply for individual or group appointments for H-2A and H-2B visa applicants, the employer or authorized agent must send an inquiry email to the H-2 team at One of our team members will respond within two working days with information on how to obtain an appointment.

Interview Waiver Program for Renewals of H-1B, L, O, R, I and TN Visas

If you are renewing an H-1B, L, O R, I or TN visa issued here in Guadalajara, you may qualify for our Interview Waiver Program. Please see the Interview Waiver Program section for full details.


After the appointment, U.S. employers, their representatives, or other interested parties may contact the Consulate H-2 team directly with questions or follow-up information related to the visa process. Contact us using the new form.

Click here to access the form.