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Hiring a Mexican Attorney

Although the agente of the ministerio público or district attorney is responsible for prosecuting your case, at any point during the criminal investigation or prosecution process you may want to consider hiring a Mexican attorney to pursue your interests. An attorney can promote your interests with the ministerio público and the court. While our office cannot recommend specific attorneys, you can click on the following link to find lists of Mexican attorneys (PDF 106 KB) who have expressed interest in representing U.S. citizens. Please note that, while we can provide you with information about an attorney's professional and educational background, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the background material provided by the lawyer, nor can we vouch for his/her integrity and competence. You may wish to select an attorney who speaks English.

When you engage an attorney, you should agree upon a written contract specifying exactly what your attorney is expected to do and how much he or she is to be paid for services rendered. Be cautious of those who promise prosecution in a short period of time in exchange for a large sum of money. Such a promise may indicate that these large sums are for bribes, which are illegal. Make certain that you receive a receipt for all payments made, and try to arrange the contract so that full payment is not expected until the entire contract has been fulfilled. It is also helpful to document all oral and written communications for your records.