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General Information

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit of the U.S. Consulate General Guadalajara provides a wide range of services to U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Mexico. The ACS Unit issues passports, registers Americans born overseas, performs notarials, and provides assistance both to Americans who are arrested in Mexico and to the families of Americans who pass away in our consular district which includes the Mexican States of Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Colima, and Nayarit.

The American Citizen Services Unit cannot act as a travel agent, bank, lawyer, investigator, or law enforcement agent. Please do not expect the ACS Unit to find you employment, obtain housing or driving permits, act as interpreters, search for missing luggage, settle disputes with hotel managers or pay any bills.

The U.S. Department of State and embassies and consulates abroad are charged with providing consular protection and services to United States citizens abroad.  The Department of State maintains a web site, that outlines services and provides general information for American Citizens traveling and residing abroad.

You can also contact the Office of Overseas Citizens Services toll free number: 1-888-407-4747.

Mexico is a beautiful and interesting country with a great deal to offer almost any traveler.  Mexico has many laws and practices that are different from those of the United States, however, and it is important that visitors and residents understand these differences in order to avoid common pitfalls and enjoy a trouble-free stay.  The information in the following pages has been prepared for the benefit of U.S. citizens traveling in the Guadalajara area, whether they are passing through, spending the winter months here, or residing in the Guadalajara area year-round.  For additional information about traveling or living in Mexico, you may wish to visit the web site of the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. or the Mexican Ministry of Tourism.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your time in Mexico.


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Personal Safety

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